"Finders Weepers": What Finders' Fee Lawsuits Reveal About Bain

Experian headquartersProPublica explores the story behind several lawsuits filed against Bain Capital by people who helped Bain identify acquisition targets, including the credit reporting firm Experian, only to be denied finders’ fees they believed they were entitled to for their work. ProPublica writes that the disclosures are “complicating one of the main narratives Bain, the Romney campaign, and many commentators have used to describe the private equity firm”—that Bain worked on its own to identify troubled firms that it could make profitable, at least for Bain’s equity partners. In reality, middlemen played a big role in Bain’s early history, and the companies those middlemen brought to the table, like Experian, weren’t always struggling firms in need of a boost.

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